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New Nature







New Nature

Reinforced concrete, ceramic


A lot of green roads are maintained in the town where I live, and we can see many trees, plants and flowers. Among them, we can see many oak trees which are said to be suitable for the climate of this area. They are newly planted trees as if they had been there for a long time, and are the artificial nature based on a rational plan. I feel it is fake nature , but the oak tree has genuine life. So, I was confused.

This work is formed by stacking clay in a cylindrical shape while engraving the shape of the oak tree on the inside, making a mold by firing, and pouring the concrete there. And I presented the concrete and the fragments of ceramic mold that was shattered.

The artwork produced by someone is located between human intellect and the theory of nature and is similar to artificial nature that can‘t say fake or genuine . will this work I made become a natural existence someday?

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