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Ghost New Sail


この作品を設置した水門を境に海側の土地は、すべて昭和の中頃に埋め立てられた土地だそうです。 また、作品の設置地点はかつて千石船(大型の木造帆船)の発着地として機能していたそうですが、そのことを示す看板も数年前に撤去され、それらの事実も、現在と断絶された過去になろうとしています。



Ghost New Sail

Steel pipe, flame-retardant seat, etc.

The area on the sea side from the sluice gate where this work is installed is said  to be filled ground in the middle of Showa period. And the place where it is installed is said to used to be a wharf for Sengoku ship (large wooden sailing ship).But the signs indicating this are also removed several years ago, and the facts are also trying to be a past severed from the present.

The fact which is going away from us without being noticed by anyone resembles the deserted small sluice gate. I set up a temporary erstwhile sail there, and played with the winds that should still be blowing unchanged from the old days.

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