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Ghost New Raft









Ghost New Raft

Performance|logs got from forestry union, rope, caster, etc.

This is a performance work in Nobeoka city, Miyazaki.

Nobeoka is an area where many rivers flow, and the area I visited is located at the mouth of the rivers.  Though I was walking around that land on the first day of visiting with the prior information, I could hardly feel the sign of the river. And  I was confused by the existence of the river that appeared suddenly, as I climbed up to the hill.

When I think later, it is natural that the rivers in this area, which had existed side by side with flood disasters, are now surrounded by a solid embankment and can not be recognized from my point of view.

Between a timber pond once where the logs cut down in the upstream area were transported by river as raft and kept, and timber yard now where the logs carried by the tractor moves about rapidly I took a walk with a raft made of the logs, on the embankments that have kept people's lives away from not only floods but also the existence of rivers.

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