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Collaboration for Patriot






Collaboration for Patriot

Concrete (100 head images), display cabinet, steel , rope , bucket, audio equipment, marker, instruction

This is a collaboration work for the exhibition “PATRIOT” with my friend Tetsuya Ueda.

On the second floor of the gallery, instructions for the viewer and concrete-made 100 head images are displayed, and a device for dropping them to the first floor is installed. According to the instructions, the viewer chooses a head image, and in exchange for writing his name there, drops it to the first floor by using the device. The dropped head image falls on the iron plate installed on the first floor and breaks. A microphone and an effector are installed under the steel plate, collecting and processing the sound at the time of falling, and diffusing from the speaker installed in the surroundings. The falling sound is converted to heavy bass and filled in the gallery. It is difficult to find what dropped by myself from among the head images turned into rubble.

We consume something innocently. The words and actions we make should be spreading by irresponsible chains.


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